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Daily love in the form of encouraging words.

This book if for you if you need inspiration and encouragement for life's daily challenges.

It offers a new way of thinking designed to lift spirits and warm the heart.

It can be picked up when needed, or randomly opened to a page when desired.

Each copy is signed by the Author!

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"This book is a great resource for anyone working on positive changes in their life.
I love to open a random page every morning and read a simple piece of wisdom to be mindful of for the day.
Really insightful and easy to use."
- Trewen O.

Watch this short video from the book to encourage you to expect miracles!

Just when you need some simple support and love...

Open the book to any page on any day and see what it has to share with you. These 80 practices are heart-centered and simple to do.

Let the practices warm your heart.

"Tamra there are no accidents in life. Synchronicity at its finest! You and your book came into my life for such a time as this!! Your intuitive wisdom is spot on and I appreciate your candid and 80 most helpful mindful practices in your book. I also enjoy your fb Upswing Book Club and daily posts and fb Live videos. You encourage dialogue and our input! Just Wow! Thank you for sharing and giving us valuable Life Coaching content. I will forever be changed and am learning to live in Bliss!
- Deb

Another short inspirtation video if you're feeling frustrated and need some love!

"Tamra Fleming has gifted us an amazing book that will stand the test of time. It arrived in perfect time for summer reading, but I know this book will be near me all the time. Very insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational! Thank you Tamra for sharing your gifts for us all to implement into our daily lives!"  
- Nancy F.

Take what you need and leave the rest...

Spending a few minutes each day opening this book will help you change your perspectives to create a more positive and supportive day.


"Oh my gosh! This book is exceptional. I've been following Tamra for several years and her wisdom and ability to help people connect to their heart has been life-changing. So I thought this book would be good but it has surpassed good. I was actually vibrating as I was reading this book. Energetically vibrating. Some of the concepts you may already know yet there is something different about how this book has been designed. It's like the changes begin just holding the book. Amazing."
- Brenda R.


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