You’d like to feel free inside–less self-judgment, more understanding.

You'd like to release the past and let go of some old wounds.

You'd like to heal.

What is inspired healing?

  • Healing is new awareness of unseen behaviors, unfelt emotional beliefs, and deeper stories

  • Healing is self-initiated
  • Healing is a willingness to see yourself free of self-criticism or judgment

  • Healing is a deeper understanding of an emotional wound with compassion

  • Healing is a desire to release the past, forgive, and let go

  • Healing is a mission to claim your wholeness and transcend your present state of being

Inspired Healing will set you free and you deserve it!


You're ready to heal if things have become too uncomfortable to stay the same.

  • You're fed up with how you've been feeling and want relief
  • You're at the end of your rope with a cyclical life pattern
  • You've become painfully aware of emotions within you that you don't want any longer
  • You feel stuck and can't find you way
  • You replay painful memories 
  • You have unhealed relationship issues
  • Your body has aches and pains
  • Your work life isn't going well
  • You lack self-confidence
  • You know you can heal, and you don't know where to start

How Talk Healing works:

Talk Healing, is a form of energy healing where you talk, your Healing Facilitator listens and healing requests are initiated on your behalf.

Your Talk Healing Facilitator uses intuition and training to identify what is most important to heal.

What you can expect:

  • a sense of relief
  • a new understanding or perspective
  • a release of the old

How Distance Healing works:

Distance Healing, is a form of energy healing where you state your healing intent and then receive a 1-hour distance or remote healing while you lay quietly in the comfort of your own home. This form of healing address beliefs, patterns, and physical manifestations.

Your Healing Facilitator intuitively gains insight into what you seek healing for and requests healing on your behalf.

What you can expect:

  • a release of old emotions
  • an opportunity for your body to heal
  • a sense of freedom

Inspired Healing Session Options

Talk Healing Session


One-time payment

Break-through Blocks, Release Old Beliefs, Let Go of Old Wounds.

There are times when you just need to talk it out and let it go. Sometimes we need a clear mirror and insights to show us clarity.

In this Talk Healing Session, you talk, Tamra listens and facilitates Energy Healing, a process where breakthroughs and release can take place when you are willing.

Introductory Offer
$99 through December 2018


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Distance Healing


One-time payment

Emotions Create Body Issues, Heal the Emotion, Heal the Body.

The body is a literal store-house for emotions. When emotions are felt repeatedly, it can cause body issues and illness. In this 3-Part, Distance Healing experience, Tamra facilitates Remote Energy Healing, designed to release emotion so the body can heal.

3-Part Healing:
- 15-minute Pre-Healing Call
- 1-hour Lay Quiet in Your Home Healing
- 30-minute Post-Healing Call


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Imagine... your mind, body and soul feeling more freedom.

All healing begins with a conscious choice to heal. When you are courageous enough to see what holds you back, you create more confidence, vitality and inner peace.

What's it worth to you to let go and heal? 
What will your life be like without dragging around old beliefs?
What will you do with all of your new-found enthusiasm for life?


Talk Healing Testimonial

"It’s difficult for me to put into words what Tamra did for me because it was nothing like I’ve experienced before in other healings that were what I related to deep emotional issues and breakthroughs. In this experience there was no explicit healing ritual or manual process such as healing touch or tapping; nor did I need to lie down and meditate or focus on anything specifically. In fact, we were talking on the telephone. I described to Tamra the issues I was having and she helped me to understand the relationship between my painful injury and the way I was doing things in my life. The injury and pain were symptoms of patterns in my life that need adjustment or change. The pain was dramatically relieved almost instantly, but there are still some lingering symptoms, so I know I still have personal work to do on improving the related undesirable patterns. I’m eternally grateful to Tamra for an incredible experience and for awakening me to my own capacity to heal myself."   
- Deborah B.

Join me, let's heal.

About Tamra Fleming

My entire life has been spent helping others grow—from my corporate career as a training and organization development professional, to my last 20 years as a life and business coach, and healer. I've always looked to the cutting edge of human development for answers to my own personal growth questions.

I believe I can only lead you where I have personally traveled myself. 

I have certifications and training in Energy Coaching for Life, Leadership & Business, Quantum Healing, Feng Shui, Chinese Facial Diagnosis, Ancient Thai Massage, Herbal Healing, Aromatherapy and other various healing methods.

I consider myself a bridge builder between belief systems.


I believe people have limitless potential. In everything I do, I entertain, educate and provide experiences for willing souls to step into their full power.

I know my purpose. I am here to serve those who choose to heal.

Let it go and feel better now!


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