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Space Love Club

Embody self-love and lower your stress by creating a space you adore in an inspiring supportive community of new friends.

Create YOU space.

By clearing out the past and placing current personal symbology in your space, you release stress and open the doors to self-love, inner freedom and life success.

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Rest assured, there's a tried and true journey to...
lower stress, increase your self-love, and shine your best self.

When you combine the SELF, SPACE and COMMUNITY you unlock the power of compassionate transformation.


Your space has the potential to mirror back to you how much you love and honor yourself.


You have the power to feel more peaceful, empowered and successful in relationship with your space.


When we gather together within a compassionate model, we create exponential change. 

By changing your space, you grow.
It can be done with love by learning to leave self-judgment behind.

Lift your self-esteem by creating a space you love.

Use your space to transform how you feel about yourself. Your space is a mirror and when you shine the surface, you can see your true, beautiful self. It's not magic, but close. Space-love inspires self-love, it's like therapy inside your home.

Love your space, it translates to inner peace and self-confidence.

You are worthy of self-love. When you clear, order and beautify your space, it brings you into alignment with your self-worth. Your self-esteem rises and your stress levels drop. Self-love through space-love is an easy way transform your life.

Do it together and make it more fun, plus, we get to learn from each other.

When we travel together to create change in a loving, supportive environment, it makes it much easier to create change. When we get to be vulnerable and real, we grow. And, it's so much fun to celebrate progress and wins together. 


Here's what's included in the very special Beta SPACE LOVE CLUB:

  • Our Own Private Facebook Group
  • Facebook LIVE Teachings & Support
  • Space Clearing Tips
  • Our Own Private Member Classroom Where Learning Resources Get Uploaded
  • Self-Love/Space-Love Activities
  • Monthly Challenges (inspirational micro challenges)
We value your input! As part of the Beta, your input will be asked for as we go, so that we are creating a membership experience you value and love to be a part of.

Join the Love

Join the maiden voyage into the enlightened relationship between you and your space.




You'll learn some enlightening things for how to create a loving relationship between you and your space.

(Note: this is a 90-day membership beta test. In September, if you love it, you will be invited to continue the journey.)


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