Now's your chance to learn about an amazing miracle creating experience.

If you are into manifestation, you'll want to learn about MIRACLE Circles.





Reclaim your true gifts as a Co-creator of miracles.
Rediscover your creative power and be all that you can be!


Would you choose to rediscover your gifts and reconnect with other like-minds in a supportive and nurturing environment?




An intimate circle of up to 10 limitless human beings, creating what they desire for the good of life.


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MIRACLE Circles are for you if...

  • You have goals and dreams you really want to achieve

  • You believe in manifestation, but you don't do it consistently

  • You want to get clear on where you want to go and how you want to do it

  • You perform best with accountability and support

  • You like working with an intentional team

MIRACLE Circles create a unified field of intentional human energy that solidifies manifestations and miraculous results on a daily basis.

The power of a MIRACLE Circle is exponential. It's so much easier than holding your vision alone. Plus, when you're loving held accountable to your goals, dreams and desires, you feel supported in a way that the soul yearns for.

In the circles, we learn and practice how to collectively unite to empower each person's visions, intentions and goals. There are methods to group manifestation that we teach you in this experience.

Learn how to turn your intentions into miracles. It can really happen. There is magical power in hearts gathered together to create good.

If procrastination, lack of motivation, feeling lost or reliving old patterns fill your day, MIRACLE Circles you can help you break through.

Procrastination, lost momentum and inertia.

Imagine if you were in an intentional group of people determined to realize their dreams and creating miracles daily.

Struggle with consistency and following the laws of the universe.

Imagine if you learned the Universal Laws and began to live by them, making manifestation of what you desire easy.

Old beliefs and habits stop you in your tracks.

Imagine if your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs shifted into a higher vibration so that you attract more of what you desire consistently.

You are the Co-creator, the Circle is your manifestation engine.

There are three simple elements to the power of MIRACLE Circles.

Clarify Your Vision and Intentions

We help you get clear on your vision, your WHY and your upcoming intentions. You have the answers within you and we promise to help you let them shine. When you see yourself in a new way, you begin to create more of what you desire.

State Your Intent

Your clear intent is what sets universal forces in motion. The clearer you are and the more you are connected to the power of your heart, you can't help but manifest what you desire. And, when you state your intent in the company of others, you amplify your intent into the universe. We show you how to use your intent to create more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

Gather in Your Circle

When you focus on your goals in collaboration with others, you connect in the heart and literally create miracles. You see your life as a creative gift. With others, you become exponential in your potential.

 MIRACLE Circles are an experience in loving accountability to your dreams.




Here's what's included in the MIRACLE Circle...

1:1 Visioning Session

We start with clarity for your life and your work vision. This 1:1 session is guaranteed to reveal a clear road map for you moving forward. Get really clear on what you want to create in your life.

1:1 Initial CLARITY SESSION with a MIRACLE Circle Facilitator

Value, $350

6 Online Courses

Six online lessons that you can watch on your own time to learn the inner skills of commitment, constancy, focus, self-responsibility and more. Learn the skills that will create the reality you seek.

Learn the secrets to your true self and how to consistently manifest in

Value, $275

Six Zoom Meet-ups

This is where we connect, share, receive support, coaching and the opportunity to have your visions held in an intentional process of collective manifestation.

10 like-minded people in an intimate group to support each other and create daily miracles.

Value, $1,500

Total Value: $2,125, or $708/per month.

But, you won't pay that!
When the doors open, you'll receive a miracle offer!

This is a first-come, first-serve sign up opportunity.

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