Clean Your Office, Clear Your Mind

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to transform your home office from chaos to simplicity so that you feel less stress, have fewer distractions, improve clarity and increase productivity.

Whether your home office is in a nook, a kitchen, a dining room, a guest room, or you have your own dedicated space... you will thrive knowing the "5 Critical Elements for a Clear Home Office Space."

Are you challenged with...

  • Too many projects
  • Not enough time
  • No organized systems
  • No regularly scheduled clean out days
  • Lack of focus
  • Unstructured time
  • Self-induced chaos
  • Overwhelm
  • Perfectionism


Home offices are now a key integral part of the home. Are you treating your home office space that way?

Studies show that 15 million Americans alone are self-employed full-time and 69% of those people have home offices!

Once you begin to treat your home office as a key part of your life activity, it won't be an afterthought relegated to a corner of the dining room table, but a powerful place of creativity, inspiration and productivity.

Hi, I'm Tamra Fleming

I've been working with and studying human behavior within spaces for over two decades. Early on, I became fascinated with the mirror your space provides to help you see your mindset, your values and your habits. 

When you choose to see your space in a special way, and you actively participate with your space, you bring it and your intentions into alignment. This creates powerful energetic momentum.


Here's what you'll 
experience when you join the challenge...

  • You'll learn your "Stuff Style" so that you understand better how to create a home office space that works for you
  • You'll learn the power hidden in your space so that you can use it to fuel your creativity, productivity and sense of joy
  • You'll clear out the past so that you are more present in your now
  • You'll identify personal symbology, so that you empower your space to reflect the best and true you
  • You'll raise the vibration of your space so that you feel more energetic while focusing

Your take-aways for this FREE 5-Day Challenge...

  1. Your "Stuff Style" to learn how you personally relate to space so that you can design systems that work for you.
  2. Daily Doable-Action-Steps to create results.
  3. Daily Facebook LIVE Q&A Lessons discussing the Action-Steps and providing additional learning.
  4. Daily Personal Emails of encouragement and extra advise.
  5. BONUS Self-Coaching Guides to help you see your space with fresh eyes and make changes that serve your style and energy.

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Get ready for the... 

Clean Office
Clear Mind
5-Day Challenge

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